Four Conditions You Didn't Know Your Chiropractor Could Help With

Although chiropractic care is most commonly associated with back, neck and joint pain relief, there are many other reasons for patients to visit a chiropractor. If you've been on the fence about chiropractic treatment because you aren't struggling with back pain, understanding some of the other conditions that it can help with may help you make your decision. Here are a few conditions that many people aren't aware can benefit from chiropractic care.

High Blood Pressure

If you've been diagnosed with hypertension, you may find that visiting a chiropractor helps to ease your symptoms and lower your blood pressure levels. The blood pressure benefits are likely due to the cervical vertebrae alignment that comes from chiropractic adjustment. When that vertebrae is properly aligned, it may ease the pressure on the arteries at the base of your neck. When these arteries are pinched, it can hinder proper blood flow, increasing pressure in some areas. By visiting your chiropractor, you can ease that tension and restore your normal blood pressure levels. This isn't necessarily as effective for people suffering hypertension due to other health problems, so you'll want to address those as well. This can include poor diet, obesity and other health concerns.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome and your doctor is recommending that you seek surgical repair, you may want to reach out to a chiropractor for an adjustment first. Sometimes, adjustments to your cervical vertebra can ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel, if not eliminate them altogether. This will ease the pressure on the nerve root bilaterally, so it reduces the risk of having the symptoms appear in the other wrist, as can happen after surgery.

When the cervical adjustment isn't enough to eliminate the symptoms, it may be due to a misalignment in one of your joints in the upper body. Somewhere in your shoulder, ulna or carpal bones, tension or misalignment can transfer into your carpal tunnel. When the alignment is corrected, it often eases the remaining symptoms.


Depending on the cause of incontinence or bed-wetting, a lumbar adjustment from a chiropractor may help to ease or eliminate the symptoms. The adjustment typically eases or eliminates the pressure placed on the bladder nerves, which makes it easier for patients to regain bladder control and recognize those urinary urges. In fact, chiropractic treatment can even be effective for young children and teenagers who are struggling with chronic bed-wetting. Talk with your pediatrician, primary care provider and a chiropractor if you or one of your children are struggling with bed-wetting or incontinence in any form.

Fertility Issues

In some cases, fertility problems can be caused by misalignment of the pelvis and spine, which can interfere with the natural cycle of fertilization and implantation. As a result, chiropractic treatments that focus on realigning the lumbar area, the pelvis and other components in that area can help ease infertility. In addition, chiropractic care also focuses on nervous system issues, easing interference and stress on the nervous system that can interfere with fertility. Working in conjunction with a fertility specialist and your primary care doctor, your chiropractic treatments may help you ease your fertility problems.

As you can see, there are many conditions that chiropractic treatment can help. If you're curious about a condition you've been struggling with or you're unsatisfied with the current treatment plan for one of these conditions, you can work with a local chiropractor to plan adjustments that are targeted accordingly. With the help of an experienced chiropractor, you may be able to ease stress on your nerves and joints, putting your body back into proper alignment.