Does Your Child Always Have Stomach Pain? What To Do Before Medication

If your child is always complaining that they have a stomach ache and you want to get to the bottom of the problem without a medical procedure or prescription drugs, there are a few things you can do. You can see if you can change their diet and eating habits a little on your own and if this helps with the complaints of stomach irritation. All people are different and can tolerate different things, here are some of the practices you want to incorporate in your child's eating routine to see change.

Smaller Meals

You want to have your child eat smaller meals throughout the day, instead of a few large meals where they may overeat. If they are overeating a lot throughout the day, or if they eat too fast and then complain about a belly ache when their body realizes how full they are, this could be the problem. Set timers if you have to and make an effort to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Organic Groceries

The chemicals and dyes in food could be causing the irritation that your child has and the stomach pain. You want to remove all the processed foods and foods with any type of chemical alteration in them, so switch to organic groceries. This may cost more at first, but when your child is free of pain and feels better, it will be worth it. You'll also be eating healthier is a family because you don't have to worry about steroids, GMOs, and more.

Fewer Carbs and Refined Sugars

Too many carbs and sugars in the diet can cause your child's stomach to bloat quickly after eating and can cause them to get constipated. Limit the carbs and starches throughout the day, and make sure they come from natural foods and high quality oats and grains or vegetables. You may also want to add fiber to the diet to help stabilize their digestive track.

If you are always listening to your child complain that their stomach feels bloated or full, or that their stomach aches, it could be what you are putting in their body. Instead of trying to give them a daily medication to deal with the pain and to mask it, find out what is causing your child's pain and treat it. Your doctor may have other suggestions with how to get rid of the stomach problems, but these options are a healthy way to start.