Four Categories Of Pharmaceuticals Now In Use For Pain Management

Pain management is big business in the U.S. So much so, in fact, that drugs that were only recently used for other purposes have now been prescribed for pain. Having tested these other medications on patients for pain, it has been found that they may work better for managing pain than the medications these patients were previously prescribed. Here are four categories of pain medications that are now being prescribed for pain in the U.S., in the event that your doctor prescribes them and you are left wondering why you are taking something that you do not associate with a pain medication.


Medications that were once prescribed for epilepsy are now prescribed for pain. The reason behind this is that a lot of pain is felt through the nerves and the nervous system, which is also responsible for many seizures. Some anticonvulsants deaden the responses of the nervous system, thereby cutting down on seizures. As a side effect, researchers discovered that these medications also deadened pain receptors along the nerves. Ergo, you may be prescribed an anti-epileptic medication for pain even when you do not have seizures.


Patients who experience depression do so because they have low dopamine and/or low serotonin levels. Both of these "happy chemicals" in the brain transfer pleasure sensations to the rest of the body. When the "happy chemicals" are low, the body hurts. When patients with depression take an antidepressant medication, their "happy chemicals" are adjusted and suddenly their all-over body aches go away. Even if you do not suffer depression, your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant for pain to see if it will help you.

Tranquilizers/Sleep Medications

Bodies that do not get enough rest or do not reach REM sleep every night cannot effectively restore themselves. As such, you may feel a lot of pain all day. Your doctor, through a series of questions, may determine that you need more rest, and thus will prescribe a sleep medication to help you fall asleep faster and/or stay asleep all night so that your body can properly restore itself.


Stimulants, like the caffeine in your morning coffee, have a way of making you feel great. So great, in fact, that you can go miles without sitting down or feeling tired and achy. Your doctor may prescribe a stimulant if you experience both fatigue and pain during the day as a means of giving you energy, less pain, and an emotional boost.

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