Ways Respite Care Can Be Helpful For Adults That Care For Their Senior Parents

Helping your senior parent with everyday tasks can turn into a full-time job as your parent's health worsens, and this can become overwhelming. Providing this type of care to your senior parent is an honorable job to have, but that doesn't mean you do not deserve a break from it. If you need some help caring for your parent, or if you would just like a break now and then, you should consider looking into in-home respite care.

What is in-home respite care?

In-home respite care is something that is provided for seniors that need help at home, and it is normally considered a temporary or short-term type of in-home care. Respite care is offered by many home-health companies, and it can provide almost all types of services needed by seniors. If you hire a company to provide respite care, it can be personalized to meet the needs your parent has. Here are some of the options you will get to choose when you meet with a company that provides respite care:

  • The frequency of the services – How often would you like a home-health worker to visit your parent, and how many hours would you like him or her to stay?
  • The length of time you will need the services – How long will your parent need these services? This could be for just a few days, a few weeks, or possibly a little longer.
  • The types of services your parent needs – Your parent might be able to bathe alone and keep up with light housekeeping duties, but he or she might need help with medications, making meals, and attending doctor appointments.

When is respite care a good idea?

Choosing respite care for your senior parent can be a good idea for several types of situations:

  1. If you are the full-time caregiver and simply need a break – If you rarely get time off, hiring someone to help now and then is a great way to get a break from your duties.
  2. If you are going on vacation – If you have a vacation planned for a week, hiring a company to care for your parent for the week is a great solution.
  3. Your parent just had surgery – Respite care can also be a helpful solution after a senior has surgery. After surgery, your parent might need some extra help, and respite care is a great option for this.

If you are interested in hiring a home-health company for respite care or any other services they offer, contact one in your city, or reach out to Nurses Touch Healthcare Inc, today.