4 Ways To Support A Loved One Being Treated For Drug Dependence

Loving someone with a drug addiction can be heart-breaking, scary, and in some cases, frustrating. Once your loved one agrees to seek drug dependence treatment, you may be relieved but also unsure of how to best support them. Here are a few ideas for supporting your good friend or family member during this complicated time:

Learn More About Addiction

One of the best things you can do for your loved one is educate yourself about drug addiction, including how it takes hold of someone's life and how difficult it can be to beat. By learning more about drug addiction and letting go of any misconceptions you may be holding onto, it will become easier to be compassionate and non-judgmental toward your loved one during their recovery process. You may want to check out books about addiction from the library or watch online videos to learn more about addiction.

Plan to Create a Healthy Space for Them

When your loved one leaves drug dependency treatment, it is important to do what you can to provide a healthy space for them to reduce the chances of them falling in with their former crowd or making bad choices. Invite them to do fun, healthy things with you that don't involve drinking or substances, like going to yoga, volunteering together, or going for hikes. Let them know you are there if they need someone to talk to or spend time with.

Consider Joining a Support Group

You are most likely experiencing many complex and even contradictory emotions about your loved one's addiction and recovery. Joining a support group like a Nar-Anon family group gives you the chance to vent to others in your exact situation while learning healthy ways to cope and process everything.

Tell Them You're Proud of Them

Sometimes the most profound thing you can do for your loved one is to simply tell them you are proud of them. Drug addicts often experience deep feelings of shame, have low self esteem, and may feel that everyone in their life is disappointed in them. By telling them you are proud of them for seeking treatment, you are offering sincere encouragement that they will most likely find very moving. If you can't find a way to have this talk with them in person, you may want to put your warm thoughts and well wishes into a letter.

By following these tips, you will be able to show your loved one that you care while also taking good care of yourself.

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