Keeping Your Friend Company Through Cancer Treatment

Going through treatment for cancer is a scary event in a person's life. Treatments to get rid of the cancer cause their own changes in a person's life, including hair loss, sores on the body, and surgeries that can make the body look different. If you have a friend who is going through cancer treatment, the best thing that you can do is be there for them. Here are some things that you can do during cancer treatments in order to help your friend feel less alone. 

Go to the chemotherapy sessions

Chemotherapy via IV tends to take place in a room. You and the rest of your friends and drive over together and remain for the duration of the chemotherapy sessions. This will make sure that your friend who is fighting cancer will not be alone and that they will have a chance to get what they need. Check with the cancer treatment center to determine what foods are encouraged and bring enough snacks for everyone. This will help your friend dread chemo less, and instead help them look forward to the friend meetups. 

Group chat check-ins

Group text message threads are a big thing with some groups and not so common with others. If your friendship circle has never had a group chat, you should create a group text message thread so that everyone can check in on one another. Sometimes the effects of cancer treatment can take a while to set in. Some cancer fighters have more emotional issues during the process than physical issues. In the group thread, everyone can check in on one another and support can be provided throughout the day as needed. Having a number of people to lean on for emotional support can make fighting cancer much seem less daunting. 

Set up goal markers

Celebrating mile markers in any situation can help everyone see the light of the end of the tunnel. Hold a celebration each time your friend meets a major goal, such as making it halfway through chemotherapy, getting a good doctor's report, and gets a major surgery done. Celebrating the good news and the mile markers that happen throughout cancer treatment will mark your friend's spirits with getting things done. You can host a small party or a celebration at a restaurant for a birthday-like party every time a major marker is met. These goal markers give your friend something to look towards, despite going through a hard fight.