See A Pediatrician If Your Child Is Losing Weight

Each time that you take your child for a checkup with his or her pediatrician, the doctor will weigh the child and indicate whether he or she is too light, too heavy, or gaining weight at a healthy rate. While many parents are concerned about their children becoming overweight, it's easy to overlook the concerns of a child not weighing enough. If your child was on the cusp of being too light at a recent checkup, you'll definitely want to closely monitor his or her weight in the weeks and months that follow. Should you suspect that your child is actually losing weight, schedule another pediatrician visit right away. Here's why.

Assessment of the Cause

There are many different reasons that a child could be losing weight, including causes that are serious and those that aren't so serious. It's possible that your child could have a serious health condition, such as something that relates to the digestive system, that makes eating uncomfortable. Or, the child could simply be teething and thus not have an appetite because of mouth pain. Whatever the cause, a pediatrician like those at Nacogdoches Family Medicine will be able to determine what is going on so that he or she can get started with the appropriate method of care.

Dietary Adjustments

While it's possible that weight loss can be the result of a medical condition, it can also come down to your child simply not getting enough calories to maintain weight or to gain weight healthily. If your child is losing weight, the pediatrician will commonly ask you to provide a comprehensive rundown of what the child is eating each day. Some parents, in an effort to provide a healthy diet for their child, can actually keep a child from eating enough calories and enough healthy fats that encourage proper weight gain. In such a situation, the pediatrician will recommend that you make some dietary changes for the good of your child's weight.

Counseling for You

Not all parents have a clear understanding of weight gain and weight loss. Because childhood obesity is such a prevalent concern in today's society, there are plenty of parents who think that weight loss is a good thing — even when this is not the case. Additionally, some parents have their own issues with weight. For example, if you've been overweight for much of your life, you may be anxious about your child's weight and hope that he or she stays thin. The pediatrician will be able to counsel you on the child's weight and any feelings for you that might come with it.