Do You Need Surgery On Your Cataracts?

Cataracts are a common vision-related issue. A cataract occurs when the eye gets cloudy behind the pupil. Cataracts are most common with people as they get older, as the condition is often related to age.

You have cataracts, and don't know whether you should talk to your eye doctor about having surgery to restore your vision or not. Here are signs you may need cataract surgery.

Your vision is worsening

Cataracts don't go away on their own and can often worsen with age and lack of professional care. While your cataracts may not have gotten worse over a short period, you may have noticed your vision getting more cloudy or blurry with time.

If your vision is getting worse, see your eye doctor right away. Your cataracts may be affecting more of your eyes than you think, or you may have other vision-related issues that need medical attention in addition to cataracts. Surgery may be your only solution to improve your vision health or at least keep your vision from getting worse.

You can't drive at night

Your cataracts may not bother you so much during the day but can make things very hard to see at night. Night driving difficulties are common with people who have cataracts and can make the condition very frustrating.

Your eye doctor can offer you prescription lenses or other tools to help combat your cataract symptoms, but in general, if your condition is affecting your everyday lifestyle in any way, surgery is typically recommended.

You Can't Manage Your Vision

There are tools that can help your vision appear better even when you have cataracts. Your optometrist can prescribe polarized sunglasses that help reduce sun glare to make it easier to see when you are outside. Your eye doctor can also prescribe reading glasses to make delicate tasks, such as cooking, sewing, reading, or watching TV more easy for you.

However, after a time, these tools begin to work less effectively than they used to. This can be due to your cataracts getting worse (remember: cataracts often get worse over time, not better). If your vision is no longer manageable at home or with special tools from your eye doctor, it's time to address cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery can help protect your vision and make your life more comfortable. Talk about the benefits of cataract surgery with an eye center like Leader Heights Eye Center.