Answers to Common COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Questions

If you have some of the coughing, fever, and congestion symptoms associated with COVID-19, then it is in your best interest to go through testing. Drive-thru testing is extremely common and safe, and you may have a few questions about how this sort of thing works. So, keep reading to learn about some answers to these common questions.

What Should You Bring With You?

There are a few different ways to complete testing at your local drive-thru location. The first is to speak with your state's health department. These organizations will often run the testing sites and they can provide you with an appointment. Typically, they'll ask preliminary questions to find out if you are eligible for testing and then a time and date are set for you. You will need to bring your confirmation number and any emailed appointment paperwork with you. 

You also can make arrangements for testing directly through your physician. In this situation, you will be given a script or prescription for the test. You will need to bring the prescription with you. In addition, you should bring a photographic ID like your driver's license. All paperwork and IDs should be displayed on the dash so they can be noted and visually inspected as soon as you make your way through the drive-thru location. 

You do not need to bring your insurance card with you at this time since testing is not charged to your insurance company; it is a free service through your state.

What Will You Do During the Test?

Most testing centers are set up with cones and you will follow a path of cars to get to the actual tent where testing is completed. You should keep your windows closed at all times and workers will display signs that help you navigate the site. You may need to stop at several different locations to show paperwork or answer questions. 

Once you reach the testing tent, you will be approached by a nurse wearing protective clothing. The nurse will ask you to roll down your window and ask to use a swab. You must lean your head forward so your nostrils can be reached and you then will need to tip your head up and back. The sample is collected from the nostrils and then sent off to a laboratory facility. 

You can go home immediately after your test and await your results. The waiting period can vary greatly depending on the location of the testing site and the backlog of tests. You can learn more about results by contacting COVID-19 testing services.