Neck Lift Treatments That Could Give You A Shapely Neck With Tighter Skin And Fewer Wrinkles

If you're bothered by the appearance of your neck because it has fat, loose skin, or wrinkles, you might be looking at ways to improve the skin on your neck. A cosmetic doctor can explain your options, which might include neck lift treatments. These are surgical and non-surgical ways to lift the skin on your neck to give you a more youthful appearance. Here's how these procedures differ.

Surgical Neck Lifts

A surgical neck lift is the traditional way to improve aging neck skin. It might be the only option you have if you're older and have more advanced sagging and wrinkling. This procedure can be done in a few different ways. The surgeon might remove fat with liposuction, lift skin, and tighten your lax neck muscles.

A surgical neck lift can be done without doing a facelift, or it can be done in combination with other facial surgeries to give you an enhanced youthful appearance. Even if the neck lift is done alone, you'll still have a recovery period that could last for weeks because of the swelling that takes time to go away. You won't see the full results of your neck lift until all the swelling has gone down, which might take a few months.

Non-Surgical Neck Lifts

Non-surgical neck lifts are for people with mild sagging and wrinkling. By having a non-surgical neck lift treatment, you can avoid all the inconvenience and pain of surgery. The non-surgical options have a quicker recovery time, and they don't have any incisions that need to heal.

These neck lifts involve treatments that increase collagen production or tighten the skin, so you may not see results right away since it takes time for collagen to be produced and make a change in your skin. Some treatments you might have on your neck to lift and tighten skin include RF treatments with microneedling, PRP treatments, ultrasound, and laser treatments. Some options require no downtime, and they're quick and easy to endure.

To decide what neck lift treatments are right for you, visit a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your situation. If you want to avoid surgery, trying a non-surgical treatment might be a good way to get started on skin treatments. However, if results are the most important aspect, you may need surgery to achieve the best look.

Your doctor will explain your choices and help you decide on the right way to tighten the skin on your neck while achieving the most natural-looking results.