Top Things You Should Know About Professional Spider Vein Treatments

If you have spider veins, you might feel self-conscious about them, or you might have found that they are a bit uncomfortable. If you've heard a little bit about professional spider vein treatments and want to know a little more about them, these are some of the primary things you'll want to know.

They're More Effective Than At-Home Methods

Ever since you first noticed that you had spider veins, you might have decided to try a few at-home treatments. You might have purchased a few creams or other similar products and tried them, for example. You might not have had much or any luck with these treatments, so you might not be sure of whether or not you want to try professional spider vein treatments. However, you should know that professional spider vein treatments are often much more effective than at-home treatments.

You May Need Multiple Treatments

Within about a month or so after having your professional spider vein treatments, you should notice very noticeable results. However, depending on your individual situation, there is a chance that some spider veins will still be visible. Some people end up having multiple treatments done, while others get great results from just one treatment. Be prepared to follow up with your doctor after your first treatment, and they can let you know whether or not you should consider scheduling future treatments.

There Is a Recovery Process

As is the case with many procedures, there is a bit of a recovery process that you should be prepared for when you have spider vein treatment. For one thing, you should be prepared for a little bit of discomfort, bruising, and cramping in the first couple of days after having your procedure done. In most cases, these symptoms are fairly mild, so you probably will not need to take pain medication. Of course, if you do feel that you're in too much pain after having your procedure done, you should let your doctor know.

Your doctor will probably tell you to avoid things like running or doing heavy lifting in the first few days after your procedure, and you might be advised to wear compression stockings to give your legs a little bit of extra support. Generally, recovering from spider vein treatments isn't too difficult or unpleasant; just make sure that you follow all of your doctor's recommendations. This can help you heal more quickly and effectively, and it'll help you get the most effective results from your treatment, too.

Contact your doctor for more information about spider vein treatments