5 Clues That You May Have Palate Cancer

Your palate is the roof of your mouth. The palate has two sections: the hard palate and the soft palate. The hard palate is the bony portion of the roof of your mouth that is located right behind your front teeth, while the soft palate is the squishy portion that is found further towards your throat. Either of these sections can develop cancer, so everyone needs to be aware of the possible warning signs of cancer of the palate.

7 Ways To Help Your Senior Family Member Recover From A Stroke

While anyone can suffer a stroke, it is a lot more common among the elderly. In fact, almost three quarters of stroke cases happen to individuals who are older than 65, according to the National Institute on Aging. If your senior family member recently had a stroke, he may experience memory problems, paralysis, trouble swallowing and bladder problems. It is up to you to help your elderly loved one get better.

Overcoming Disordered Eating: Three Unusual Eating Disorders

When it comes to eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia, along with compulsive overeating, are the most well-known and the most widely treated. However, there are three other types of eating disorders that people struggle with that are less understood. These also need to be treated with a combination of medical interventions and mental health solutions. If you or a loved one is struggling with disordered eating, be sure to educate yourself on these problems, as you will want to be sure that all aspects of eating disorders are treated when you seek medical help.

5 Ways Seniors Can Get Discounts On A Walk-In Tub

For seniors with limited mobility, bathing every day can be an anxious nightmare. Climbing in and out of a tub or finding a comfortable seating position could be tedious and dangerous. This is why many people with mobility issues look into getting a walk-in tub installed. Walk-in tubs provide an easy access door, non-slip floors, and multiple types of seating options in the tub. Even though these products can assist people with medical problems, they are often not covered under a Medicare plan.

4 Ways To Manage Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Pain and inflammation in your sacroiliac (SI) joint can easily be mistaken for other conditions, since the SI joint typically provides little movement and you may not know it exists. A combination of at-home care and medical treatments can help you sit and walk more comfortably. In severe cases, surgical options may be necessary. Keep Your SI Joints Warm It is difficult to keep your SI joints warm, because most heating pads are not designed to be sat on.